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How to replace a deck floor board?

It depends on a few variables. If the board is nailed down, you will need use a nail puller. If it's screwed in from the top and the screws are borken or rusted, then either use a nail puller or good old fashioned buchery. If the boards were screwed from underneath, then you're in for a major project and should watch some videos on Common Carpentry Repairs

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Are all hand held sanders built the same?

It depends on who's using the tools and if they take care of them.

Let's be honest, if your employees are using them, they probably don't care, so buy the cheaper brands! The parts on an orbital sander that wear out are the velcro and the round pad itself. Even the most expensive sanders use the same velcro. If the machine is still in tact, the pads can be replaced.

If you plan on using the sander for yourself and will take care of it, buy the good brands. The pads are built with better materials and there is a vacuum attachment rather than a pouch.

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We Aim to Provide the most Accurate Information Available

We are a group of people with a vast amount of staining, painting and construction experience. We created this website to be an enjoyable experience while bringing all the best knowledge of wood protection to one place.

Wood finishing projects are one of the most gratifying skilled trades. No wood staining projects are identical as every wood specie is unique with it's own characteristics and appearance. Whether you are staining a deck or a piece of furniture, the process is dramatically different. Each project requires a distinct set of skills, knowledge and tools to achieve a result worthy of your time invested.

Without the proper guidance, any wood finishing project can become a complete and utter disaster. One that is very time consuming and expensive to fix.

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