A biodegradable material that removes most clear, semi-transparent, semi-solid & other wood coatings.

A Touch of Dan Stain Stripper

  • Biodegradable & Enviro-friendly
  • Removes most hard and film forming coatings effectively
  • Mix with water to make 2 gallons, up to 400 sq. ft. to strip transparent coatings
  • For exterior use on Cedar, Ipe, Spruce and other natural wood

Click below to download the Stain Stripper Basic Instructions (PDF).

Basic Instructions (English)

For Stain Stripper product information about preparations, applications and more, click below to read the Product Data Sheet (PDF).

Product Data Sheet (English)

Product Data Sheet (French)

For Stain Stripper product information about health hazards, safety precautions, first aid measures, ingredients and more, click below to read the Safety Data Sheet (PDF).

Safety Data Sheet (English)

Safety Data Sheet (French)

How the Stain Stripper can be Used

Our stain stripper was made to be very user friendly for any professional painter, contractor or as a DIY project.

This is a great option for removing most outdoor transparent and semi-solid wood finishes. At a much lower mixture, the stain stripper can be used as a heavy-duty cleaner around the garden. The concentrated powder can be easily mixed into a pail of household water to create a very strong solution. The stain stripper is an extremely important step to prepare the wood before stain applications.

A small sample of mixed Stripping Solution should always be applied to an inconspicuous surface before continuing on a larger area. By following the mixture instructions, the Stripping Solution strength is equivalent or greater than most other comparable products. Before using, ensure that all surrounding surfaces are securely covered as Stripping Solution will corrode, oxidize or harm other fixed materials such as railings, wood fasteners, BBQ's, metals and all other possible materials nearby. As the Stripping Solution works to remove the existing coatings, raised wood grains are inevitable and the surfaces will require some sanding when the wood has dried. When the Stripping Solution has penetrated most of the previous coating, lightly misting with water while scrubbing the surfaces will greatly help to improve quality and speed up the process.

It is highly recommended to only apply the Stripping Solution using a roller on a pole. Never use the Stripping Solution through a sprayer or pressure washer.

Prior to sealing or staining, it is imperative to use the Wood Conditioner after the cleaner has been completely rinsed.

Please use extreme care when handling this product. Read all Safety instructions before using.

All preparation and application instructions should be followed, which are found in the Product Data Sheet.

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