The People Behind A Touch of Dan

Mission Statement

To provide guidance that help people to use the best product selections and application methods with any wood finishing project.

Our History

Forest View Staining Limited has been a local Toronto business for over 20 years, specializing in Exterior Wood Restoration and Protection. We provide service to a large variety of exterior structures, from refinishing wood decks to complex building restoration. We're always looking for the next challenging project! Through the years, we have grown into a group that are mostly comprised of professional contractors and renovators from all over the Greater Toronto Area.

A large portion of our work has been learned through experience, as finding the necessary resources to properly learn the small details of our trade is most challenging. The vast amount of misinformation is confusing, frustrating and never consistent.

The foundation of this website is built on education, using real-world scenarios with a transparent approach.

What Inspires Us

Our website was created to help the thousands of professional painters and DIY's that at one point or another, have encountered a wood staining project that went completely wrong.

Anyone that has ever attempted any wood finishing project, whether it was a piece of furniture, or something as large as a backyard deck, understands that one small oversight can lead to a disastrous outcome. Repairing any kind of stain blotches or discolouration always requires either a tone of sanding or aggressively scrubbing chemicals into the wood, both of which are very exhausting and tedious.

To decipher all the information and understand the steps involved for a particular project and learning how to avoid the possibility of ruining the whole thing, usually becomes a massive research project. Quite often, this occurs during the course of a project where time is not available to do the proper research.

With some dedicated time to learn the in-depth knowledge and techniques, anyone with enough patience can create a wonderful and well-kept wood project.

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